Also known as a building management or control system, building automation involves regulating, monitoring and controlling the various functions used in a building, such as heating, lighting and ventilation, into a centralised system. If you’re considering employing building automation for your business premises, here are the key benefits that you can enjoy.

building automation


Building automation can be used to control and regulate many different aspects of a building, including lighting, heating, ventilation, electrics, security systems, access, water usage, etc. This makes it highly adaptable and versatile for use in lots of various building types, where systems can be scaled up or down according to changing needs over time.

Reduced energy use

Since building automation monitors many aspects of a building’s operations in a centralised rather than isolated fashion, using key features such as sensors and timers, ensures that the building runs more efficiently. This can reduce energy wastage, which can have a positive impact on utility bills. Lower energy bills mean money can be better spent on other areas of the business.

On-demand systems, such as on-demand/control on-demand ventilation, also help to conserve energy, as only the energy that is needed at a given time is consumed. Reduced energy consumption is also good news from an environmental aspect, and for those businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Comfortable working environment

Using building automation systems helps to regulate aspects such as heating and lighting so that you don’t get one area of a building that is too hot, and another part that is too cold. By creating the ideal working conditions in terms of heating and lighting, employees can carry out their duties in comfortable surroundings. The upshot of this is that happy and satisfied staff make for more productive employees, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Improved efficiency

Building automation does so much more than just control heating, lighting and ventilation; it can help systems run more smoothly and efficiently by preventing breakdowns and malfunctioning, which could be highly disruptive to a business. Automated systems are less prone to wear and tear, which could also save you money in the long run from reduced maintenance costs. When maintenance concerns do arise, systems may be able to quickly detect these and provide alerts, so that any issues can be immediately rectified.

Secure systems

Many businesses appreciate the fact that building automation systems can be used to connect to various security and safety systems, to protect the building and those that work in it from aspects such as fire risk or theft. Live systems can be used to monitor the security of a building and provide alerts if there is any suspicious activity. Remote access to systems can also enable staff to control systems from anywhere, without being present at the premises.

Peace of mind

Building automation systems can bring businesses a great deal of peace of mind that all functions are working effectively and efficiently, without costly waste.

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