Cost-effective network I/O expansion

Small in size, quick to set up and flexible I/O and communication options.

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Universal Inputs

The Smart IO modules offer flexible universal inputs that can be easily configured to the below options:

Resistive: NTC: 10K3, 10K4, 20K6
PTC: NI1000, PT1000
Analogue: 0-20mA
Digital: ON/OFF contact
Pulse Count

Energy Monitoring

Fully compatible with the Titan Energy Monitoring solution allowing pulsed and active energy meters to be connected via BACnet or Modbus communications.

Compact Size

Designed to provide a small footprint within a panel.

The Smart IO Modules are available in a variety of flexible models with options for analogue, digital and relay outputs.

Simple Setup

All our Smart IO modules are now supplied with Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities as standard. This allows the IO modules to be set up using a smart phone or tablet via the Titan Commissioning App with the desired setup passed to the Smart IO module instantly, with or without power applied to the units. Alternatively, a PC based setup tool is also available if required.



BACnet MS/TP & Modbus RTU communications

Flexible Universal Inputs

Analogue, Digital or Relay output options

Quick and simple setup

Pulse counting


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