Network Management

The NetMaster Network Manager offers the latest technology and features for smart residential solutions. Communicating on fully open BACnet, Modbus and IP communications, the NetMaster Network Manager links all devices on the Titan Products network to provide a rich feature set that includes; Optimised Start, Flexible Time Scheduling, Holiday Events, Multi-zone comfort control adjustment and combined Energy Monitoring solutions.

The NetMaster Network Manager is capable of routing BACnet MS/TP communications from the comfort controller network to 3rd party IP systems such as audio / visual, lighting, building management and smart metering billing systems.

  • Provides integration to the Titan Central Control Screen and Remote Access App
  • Handles flexible Time Scheduling & Holiday Events
  • Optimised Start
  • Energy meter integration
  • BACnet routing capabilities for 3rd party and BMS integration
  • Embedded HTML5 web pages for network commissioning and set-up
  • DHCP or Static IP Addressing
  • BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD) support
  • Foreign Device Registration (FDR) support

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