Network Management

The NetMaster Network Manager offers all the connectivity and features required for smart residential solutions.

Communicating on fully open BACnet, Modbus, IP and MQTT communications, the NetMaster Network Manager provides network management within residential control applications when used alongside Titan BACnet residential controllers and user interfaces.

The NetMaster handles all time scheduling for comfort control and water treatment routines, secure links for remote control applications, and communication links to 3rd party IP systems, BMS and cloud services creating a powerful residential solution for comfort control and energy monitoring solutions.

  • Complete network management of Titan Residential Solution
  • Flexible Time Scheduling & Holiday Events
  • Network alarming
  • Smart metering application
  • I/O mapping to improve install flexibility
  • Integration capabilities for 3rd party systems
  • Embedded web server for quick commissioning and set-up
  • Remote App access
  • BACnet, Modbus, IP and MQTT communications

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