Wireless solutions designed for Building Automation

The TPZ-Net range is designed to wirelessly monitor environmental conditions and transfer this information back to the Titan Products Co-ordinator. Multiple co-ordinators can be deployed across the building and networked via BACnet to provide robust wireless networks across the building. Titan IP routers can be added to communicate all wireless data onto a BACnet/IP network.

Temperature, Humidity and Co2 monitoring.

Battery powered wireless devices within the TPZ-net range offer a long battery life of up to five years allowing for maintenance costs to be minimised. The Co-ordinator will receive low battery information from the sensor network and expose this data on to the BMS network to aid reactive maintenance.

The TPZ-Net range caters for temperature, humidity and CO2 monitoring designed for commercial office and retail applications.

TPZ-Net Commissioning

All sensors are linked to a network co-ordinator via the TPZ-Net PC commissioning software which is simple and intuitive to use, allowing for simple set up of wireless networks or to easily add, remove, replace or edit sensor settings within an existing network within minutes.


  • Low cost co-ordinator
  • Split networks across the building
  • Wireless communications that are designed for building automation
  • Self-healing and mesh networking
  • Communications flow around the building rather than through it and beyond
  • No risk of channel flooding causing packet loss and latency across buildings
  • UK Designed, Developed & Manufactured by Titan Products.

Download the TPZ-Net Brochure


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