Door Buzzer

Dynamic room numbering via BACnet and integrated door buzzer option

The door buzzer sounds the in room RDU-Touch to notify the guest that someone is at the door

Make Up Room

Indication for make up room request

Visible indication for cleaning request will be instantaneously shown on the corridor plate if the hotel guest requests via the RDU-Touch. This can also be flagged over the BMS, via BACnet communications.

Do Not Disturb

Indication for Do Not Disturb

The door buzzer is automatically disabled when DND is selected


  • Perfect partner for in-room RDU-Touch
  • Fully capacitive touch screen
  • Branding options
  • POE type connection for quick and simple install
  • Range of finishes available
  • Instant visibility on BMS via BACnet communications




Through the RDU-Touch Hub Multi-drop allows any MUR and DND requests selected on the RDU-Touch to be displayed on the DND-Touch corridor plate.

Each FCU-503 controller can be connected to up 4 x touch screen user interfaces via the RDU-Touch Hub. This allows multiple RDU-Touch units and a DND-Touch corridor plate to be fully synchronised, offering the guest multiple points within their guest room or suite to adjust their comfort settings.



RDU-Touch Hub for Multi-Drop (RDU-T/Hub)

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