Energy efficient hotel guest room comfort control for 2 and 4-pipe fan coil applications.

Make up Room and Do not Disturb integration

The FCU-503 fully supports Make Up Room and Do Not Disturb commands and exposing these onto the hotel BMS to make housekeeping aware of the demand. When a guest selects Make up Room or Do Not Disturb this is communicated via the in-built BACnet MS/TP communications as well as being displayed on the in-room RDU-Touch and optional DND-Corridor plate.

Integrated Bathroom Control

The FCU-503 provides an independent second zone of heating allowing for both the hotel guest room and bathroom to be controlled from a single controller and user interface. When enabled the guest will be able to set independent set points for both zones from the RDU-Touch within the guest room.

Multi-level Energy Efficient ECO control

The FCU-503 incorporates multi-level ECO control settings depending on the let state of the guest room. When integrated to a hotel letting system the controller can automatically activate different set back modes depending on the let state of the guest room creating the opportunity for energy savings to made.

Intuitive User Interface

The FCU-503 is fully compatible with the high end and intuitive to use RDU-Touch. An attractive, yet simple interface allows the guest to effortlessly adjust the temperature set point, fan speed and select make up room or do not disturb from the wall mounted RDU-Touch.

Download the hotel comfort control brochure at the bottom of this page for more details on additional features such as guest room lighting enables and dynamic occupancy.


  • Flexible control options for heating, cooling and fan control.
  • Fully compatible with RDU-Touch user interface.
  • Fully compatible with DND-Touch corridor plate.
  • Multi-level ECO control options for unoccupied conditions.
  • Make up Room and Do not Disturb integration.
  • Two zone control.

Download Hotel Brochure