Multiple appllications

The FCU-503 is flexible in application catering for applications such as 4-pipe FCU heat / cool, 2-pip FCU with UFH and 4-pipe FCU with UFH and FCU heat boost.

The MZ-503 adds to this by providing the option to add up to 4 x independently controlled UFH zones from a single controller addition.

Set up for you

All our FCU-503 and MZ-503 controllers are supplied pre-programmed for your project requirements. to take the on-site burden away from our customer. By setting up the controllers prior to dispatch we reduce on-site commissioning costs for our customers.

Interface Options

Both the FCU-503 and MZ-503 are fully compatible with the RDU-Touch and CCS control screens. Each zone setup on the controllers will be displayed as their own zone for independent control.

Integrated bathroom control

The FCU-503 provides an integrated bathroom control logic as standard providing a second heating loop designed for wet or electric UFH control within a bathroom. Towel rail outputs can also be allocated within the FCU-503 bathroom control options providing a complete control package from a single controller.

I/O Mapping

The FCU-503 is fully compatible with the residential IO mapping features within the Residential NetMaster to allow outputs from the FCU-503 or MZ-503 to be mapped to Titan I/O modules on the same network. This cuts down on wiring requirements and improves install flexibility.



Providing a fully integrated and combined heating and cooling solution the FCU-503 provides embedded control for a wide range of applications that cover: 4-pipe Fan Coil heat/cool control, 2-pipe fan coil cooling with underfloor heating, 2-pipe fan coil cooling with underfloor heating and fan coil heating boost.


The MZ-503 is designed for use where multiple UFH only zones exist, and can control up to 4 x UFH zones independently.

  • Flexible FCU and UFH control.
  • Multi-zone control
  • Fully integrated bathroom and towel rail control
  • Compatible with RDU and CCS user interfaces
  • Application specific control for the application

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