Combined Comfort Control and Energy Monitoring

The Central Control Screen combines intuitive multi-zone comfort control adjustment with a smart energy monitoring display when energy meters are connected to the Titan Products residential solution.

By offering both comfort control adjustment and smart metering capabilities from a single user interface, the Titan Products solution can significantly reduce hardware and installation costs, while providing an excellent user experience via a fully integrated and feature-rich combined comfort control and energy monitoring solution.

Energy Monitoring

Effortlessly switch between Energy Monitoring and Comfort Control user pages

Comfort control adjustment

Multi-zone comfort control adjustment from a single user screen.

Time Schedules

Set flexible time schedules for each connected room

Set Holidays

Easily set holiday off time periods

  • Add Energy Monitoring to Comfort Control user interface
  • Adjust temperature/control modes of all rooms from a central location
  • Quick links to common timer modes such as All OFF, Once and Extra Hours
  • Set up flexible time schedules
  • Set up holiday periods
  • Branded screens available
  • 7 inch wall mounted screen
  • Wi-Fi option
  • POE option

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