BACnet Smart Sensors

With buildings getting smarter, there is now an ever-growing need for improved connectivity and interoperability between devices along with the requirement to keep installation costs to a minimum.

Titan Products recognise these needs and have developed our next generation of HVAC sensors which incorporate Native BACnet MS/TP and Modbus communications and integrated control options.

BACnet Smart Sensors

Smart Input / Output modules

Designed to provide a small footprint within a panel, our compact modules provide additional and cost effective networkable device points to a BACnet MS/TP or Modbus network.

We offer 4-way or 8-way Smart I/O modules providing flexible universal inputs with options of analogue, digital or relay outputs.

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BACnet Routers

We recognise device connectivity, interoperability and communications speed as key in achieving a truly smart building. Through high speed BACnet communications and intuitive embedded web page setup, we offer seamless integration to your building IP networks.

The NetMaster Router allow peripheral BACnet MS/TP devices, such as our I/O modules, to be fully integrated with BACnet/IP networks.

BACnet Network Routers

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