BACnet & Modbus monitoring with control

The Smart Sensors are designed to monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, Co2 and humidity within a space, air duct work or water flow and expose all parameters over BACnet MS/TP or Modbus via a single fully open and interoperable communications network.

All temperature, Co2 and humidity smart sensors incorporate a digital input and output to allow the sensors to offer effective environmental set point control based on the monitored conditions, or timer based control should the digital input be enabled from a PIR occupancy sensor or switch.

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Flexible sensor housing options

The Smart Sensors are available in a number of flexible housing options to suit your application. These include our attractive room housing for room temperature, Co2 and Humidity applications which is available in white or black options.

The IP65 robust industrial housing, which is supplied for a number of different monitoring applications include: Duct, Immersion, Strap-on and outside wall mount options.

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Smart Differential Air Pressure Sensors

The popular TPDPT8 Differential Air Pressure Sensors are available with Smart BACnet and Modbus communications.

Offering all the benefits of the standard TPDPT8 sensors such as multi-range selections, positive and negative pressure options, high accuracy monitoring and protection against long term and temperature drift, the TPDPT8-COM range add the ability for direct, open and fully interoperable communication links to your building management system via the in-built BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU communications.

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Smart Temperature, Co2 and Humidity sensors

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  • Fully interoperable BACnet MS/TP and Modbus communications
  • Integrated environmental and timer control options for Temperature, Co2 and Humidity sensors
  • Reduced install costs
  • Quick addressing and set up
  • Combined temperature, Co2 and humidity monitoring


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