CO2 monitors offer an effective visual indication of air quality and help businesses, schools or universities to understand when additional ventilation is required. Let’s look at why it is so essential to moderate carbon dioxide levels and the key benefits of using a CO2 monitor.

1. Prevent dangerously high levels of CO2 exposure

Carbon dioxide is life threatening at exceptionally high levels, and even at moderate levels it can have a detrimental impact on health. When CO2 levels reach 40,000 ppm or higher, oxygen levels are low enough that there is an immediate risk to life. However, the risk of oxygen deprivation begins at just 5000 ppm, which could make people incredibly unwell. Between 2000 and 5000 ppm, people often experience headaches, lethargy, nausea and increased heart rate. Even at 1000 ppm, it is common for people to complain of drowsiness.

In occupied indoor spaces, CO2 should not increase beyond 1000 ppm to maintain good health. Our Battery Powered CO2 monitors flash amber when CO2 levels exceed 800 ppm so that you can improve ventilation before carbon dioxide levels get high enough to make people feel unwell.

2. Improve performance of workers and students

Research has proven time and time again that high CO2 levels have a detrimental impact on human performance. One study in particular from the Harvard Chan School of Public Health found that cognitive skills reduced by 21% when CO2 levels were increased by just 400 ppm. It also discovered that when CO2 concentrations were as high as 1400 ppm, the gas reduced cognitive function by 50%.

For schools and universities who want to ensure their students thrive and businesses who want to get the best out of their employees, maintaining healthy CO2 levels is vital. By using a CO2 monitor, it is easy to identify when carbon dioxide levels are creeping up high enough that it might impact the performance of staff or students.

3. Monitor COVID-19 infection risk

A recent study has determined that by monitoring CO2 levels, it is possible to monitor the risk of transmission of COVID-19. The CO2 levels in space are an indicator for exhaled breath, in which there could be airborne infectious diseases such as COVID-19. When a monitor identifies high levels of CO2, it is a clear indication that the area has inadequate ventilation and, therefore, an increased risk of COVID-19 transmissions if an asymptomatic person is using the space.

As pandemic restrictions continue to reduce and businesses, schools and universities all become busier; it is vital that we take as many steps as possible to monitor potential transmissions. A CO2 monitor is a simple but effective way to understand when occupancy is too high, and ventilation is too low, thus increasing the risk of COVID infections.

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