Titan Products are extremely proud of our history being the first privately owned UK company to develop our own BACnet communications stack and launch UK manufactured BACnet products. Through continued investment into our in-house R&D department, we have continuously improved the products and brought new products to market reacting quickly to market demands and developing products at the forefront of technology. With now over 20 years of BACnet development experience here is a look at our top BACnet enabled products.

Smart IO Modules

Smart IO Modules offer cost-effective network input / output expansion for a range of monitoring, control and positioning applications. Offering BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU communications as standard our Smart IO Modules are available in a variety of models utilising 4 or 8 universal inputs with options for analogue, digital and relay outputs. Supplied with Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities as standard, the IO modules are effortlessly set up using a smart phone or tablet via the Titan Commissioning App with or without power to the device.

Application Specific Controllers

Our range of Application Specific BACnet controllers provide energy efficiency control for applications covering fan coil, multi-zone heating, natural ventilation, variable air volume, differential air pressure and multi-purpose HVAC applications. All controllers are supplied with flexible embedded control strategies and communicate via native BACnet MS/TP communications standard allowing them to be used as part of a building management network or stand-alone.

TPZ-Net Wireless Co-ordinator

Our TPZ-Net co-ordinator is the gateway of our TPZ-Net wireless sensor range and receives all wireless sensor data and exposes this along with network health and device battery status on to a BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU network allowing customers to achieve all the benefits of wireless sensors and maintain device visibility through a building management system.

Smart Sensors

Our range of Smart Sensors are designed to monitor temperature, CO2, humidity and differential air pressure parameters and communicate the monitored values over a BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU network. All our temperature, CO2 and humidity Smart Sensors incorporate a digital output for local environmental or time based control.

The sensors are available in a range housings covering Room and IP65 Duct, Immersion, Outside and Clamp-on applications.

Smart Room Setpoint Controller

The RTC22b is a BACnet room sensor and set point adjuster incorporating heating and cooling control. The in-built display provides an intuitive readout of both the actual room temperature and the control set point allowing the user to easily adjust their set point via the two push buttons.

The range also offers integrated heating and/or cooling control outputs and native BACnet MS/TP communications as standard for integration into a Building Management System.

BACnet Router

The NetMaster 1000 BACnet MS/TP to IP router offers fast and secure BACnet routing between BACnet MS/TP devices and BACnet/IP networks. The NetMaster 2000 builds on this acting as the network manager for the Titan Residential Control solution providing support for the Titan Central Control Screen, Remote Access App and introduces time scheduling, optimised start and energy monitoring modules. 

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