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The Crucial Role of Sensors in Healthy Indoor Environments

The quality of indoor environments profoundly impacts our well-being. From homes to offices, schools, and public spaces, ensuring a healthy indoor environment is crucial for overall health, productivity and comfort. With the average person spending approximately 90% of their time indoors, our spaces must be well maintained. In this pursuit, sensors are fundamental tools that… Read more »

3 reasons why CO2 Sensors with LED indication are essential for optimal indoor environments

Maintaining optimal indoor air quality is crucial for the health, comfort, and productivity of building occupants. Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors play a vital role in monitoring and controlling indoor air quality levels. While CO2 sensors are already a valuable tool, those equipped with LED indication, such as our Halo variants, offer even greater benefits. In… Read more »

Enabling Safer Environments: The Power of Antimicrobial Technology

Our new Gen 3 sensors incorporate certified Polygiene® BioMaster antimicrobial protection to actively inhibit the growth of bacteria to protect the sensor surface, making them a valuable addition to any modern building. As we continue to prioritise health and well-being in our indoor spaces, the surfaces of the sensors are poised to play a pivotal… Read more »

Driving Building Optimisation Through Data Collection

bms optimisation

Building Management Systems are now producing more data than ever before through the vast array of connected sensors and devices deployed in modern smart buildings. Data collection is the foundation of building optimisation. A data-driven approach helps enhance occupant comfort and safety, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall building efficiency through predictive maintenance. In this… Read more »

How Building Management Systems Can Lower Expenses

smart buildings

A Building Management System, also known as Building Automation System (BAS), is a computer-based control system that is installed in buildings to manage and control the building’s mechanical and electrical systems.  This includes power systems, lighting, ventilation, heating, and cooling systems, security systems, and more. The main idea is to maintain the highest level of… Read more »

Introducing the Gen 3 Room Sensors

At Titan we simplify the complex to help our customers create truly smart spaces promoting wellbeing, comfort, and energy efficiency. The all-new Gen 3 sensors from Titan aid our ability perform to this mantra and are a product line we are extremely excited and proud to announce the launch of. Creating a new era of… Read more »

The Role of Building Management Systems in Reducing Energy Consumption

building management system

Every year, buildings around the world consume a significant portion of the world’s energy resources. According to the International Energy Agency, buildings and building construction sectors combined are responsible for 30% of global energy consumption and nearly 27% of total energy sector emissions. As concerns over environmental sustainability continue to rise, many are seeking innovative… Read more »

What Are Building Management Systems? BMS Explained

building management system

When you’re running a large commercial building, you want to make sure that it’s being used to its full potential. After all, wasting energy means wasting money. This is where making full use of a Building Management System (BMS) is key. In this article, we discuss what a BMS is, the parts of the building… Read more »

CO2 Monitoring Case Studies

Demand for CO2 sensors has been greater than ever, take a look at recent projects where our carbon dioxide sensors have been used by our customers to improve indoor climates and provide energy savings. Smart CO2, Temperature and Humidity sensors – Lancaster Uni Library We supplied Smart room sensors for the £11 million, four-story extension… Read more »

5 Important Types of Smart Building Sensors

smart building sensors

There is no doubt that installing sensors to transform a building into a smart space delivers a number of benefits. From accurate environmental data collection and monitoring, to aiding the creation and control of productive, efficient spaces that encourage wellbeing within the space. Environmental sensors let you monitor conditions in each room or zone within… Read more »