Titan Products continue to expand their smart products line with the latest addition of a brand new range of Smart Input / Output (IO) modules.

Sitting alongside the existing networkable application specific controllers and smart sensors, the new smart IO modules are designed to provide additional and cost-effective networkable device points to a Building Management System (BMS).

Compatible with all leading BMS solutions via their open and fully interoperable BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU communications, the Smart IO modules offer a flexible mix of universal inputs, output options and communication selections.

Available in 4-way and 8-way module configurations, the modules are supplied with either 4 or 8 fully configurable universal inputs that can each be set up to accept and monitor any of the below input types:

  • 10k3, 10k4, 20k6, Ni1000 & PT1000 resistive inputs
  • 0-10V or 0-20mA active inputs
  • Digital switch states (ON/OFF)
  • Digital Pulse counting

The smart IO module range offers a mix of relay, digital or analogue output options designed to suit a wide range of HVAC and BMS applications. Whether the application requires monitoring of environmental conditions, occupancy levels, leak detection or pulses from energy meters, or plant equipment to be enabled with valves actuators or dampers positioned to support control logic held within the BMS, the Smart IO modules will add flexibility to the network at an extremely attractive price point.

Additional features throughout the range include temperature offset settings, low pass filters to provide a rolling average of resistive or analogue inputs across an adjustable time period, and complete compatibility with open collector energy monitoring pulse meters.

The table below shows the full product mix for the launch.

IO Module TypeInputsOutputs
IO/COM-4AO4 x UI4 x Analogue
IO/COM-4DO4 x UI4 x Digital
IO/COM-4R4 x UI4 x Relay
IO/COM-8AO8 x UI8 x Analogue
IO/COM-4AO-4DO8 x UI4 x Analogue / 4 x Digital
IO/COM-8DO8 x UI8 x Digital
IO/COM-8R8 x UI8 x Relay

To streamline commissioning time and costs, the DIN Rail mounted modules provide quick, simple and intuitive setup that can be completed within seconds via the Smart IO Configuration Tool. The tool allows each module to be addressed for the network, universal inputs to be read and configured and the device outputs to be written to and read. Module configurations can also be saved and loaded to other modules if required.

For further details and pricing of the Smart IO modules please contact the sales team or visit: https://titanproducts.com/product-category/bacnet-modbus-io-modules/