The CCM control options from Titan Products are designed to provide networkable control solutions for a number of applications covering Air Handling units (AHU), Multi-zone heating applications, Variable Air Volume (VAV) air Differential Air Pressure and Air Velocity applications.

BACnet Multi-Zone Temperature Controller

Cost effective control solutions for up to 4 x independant heating or cooling zones from one controller and room display interface.

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BACnet Multi-Purpose Temperature Controller

Designed to cater for a wide range of HVAC control applications covering range from simple ON/OFF control to AHU control and vent / cool / heat applications.

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BACnet Variable Air Volume Temperature & CO2 Controller

Low-cost, accurate and networkable VAV control including standart features for Co2 control and re-heat capabilities.

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BACnet Air Pressure / Velocity Control

Flexible control of up to 4 areas of Differential Air Pressure or Air Velocity applications in unison, sequence or individually for applications such as ventialation extract systems, clean rooms or fume cupboards.

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