Install & Commissioning Partner

Delivering a high quality install and commissioning package is key to delivering a smooth project handover. By working with our Install & Commissioning partner Automatry, who have a vast understanding of Titan Products’ key product ranges, all on-site work can be carried out to a high standard and correctly for the project, minimising timely on-site re-wiring and maximising commissioning efficiencies.

Automatry specialise in BMS, Domotics & Electrical engineering. They have worked across multiple projects in the London area delivering state of the art installations.

Having a deep understanding of the installation process within electrical, automation & BMS provides Automatry with a full spectrum of knowledge into the details of what makes each system tick, from the electrical supply right down to the final programming & commissioning of software.

Automatry’s focus is to deliver the project on time & to high quality, no matter how big or small. This is achieved this with clear & transparent communication, highly accurate & efficient tracking methods as well as excellent client communication & support to make sure every detail is acknowledged and no faults go unnoticed or unsolved when commissioning Titan Products equipment.

Automatry’s engineers are all trained by Titan & Automatry regardless of their previous qualifications & experience, ensuring that they can not only rectify defects & commission projects, but fully understand the nature of the system architecture & client designed system operation. Automatry train their engineers in all electrical fields that are incorporated into the HVAC & BMS systems so all issues can be addressed & rectified with full understanding & confidence. Automatry will always aim to push jobs forward by informing or rectifying 3rd party electrical defects if the contract permits. By combining highly skilled & forward thinking labour with second to none HVAC & BMS product manufacturing and design Automatry deliver on client expectations time & time again.