1. Introduction

Titan Products Ltd operates to an approved and audited Quality Management System. This Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy covers the integration of business operations and values, whereby the interest of all stakeholders including investors, customers, suppliers, employees, contractors, the community and the environment are reflected in the company’s procedures and actions.

2. Commitments and Aims

Titan Products Ltd are committed to:

  • Encouraging our business partners to adopt a CSR policy.
  • Continuously improving our performance and meeting all applicable legislation.
  • Encouraging our staff to be mindful of actions that impact on non-renewable resources.
  • Maintaining high ethical standards and respecting Human Rights.
  • Protecting its reputation through no involvement of actions that infer bribery or corruption.

Through this CSR policy Titan Products Ltd aims to make clear to all its stakeholders how the company propose to apply the principles of the policy throughout all its business activities.

  • Titan Products Ltd embraces all aspects of sustainable development including social issues, and legal requirements which are relevant to Corporate and Social responsibility.
  • Titan Products Ltd believe that an ethical and a responsible approach is vital to develop relationships between companies, its work force and the community they serve.
  • Titan Products Ltd will continuously maintain vigilance on the environmental, social and economic impact of all our business activities.
  • Titan Products Ltd will continuously monitor and review all policies and business practices to encourage and promote improvements.

3. Corporate Governance

  • Titan Products are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all aspects according to ethical, professional and legal standards.
  • Titan Products will not condone or accept any involvement in bribery or corruption from its customers or suppliers to obtain a business advantage in anyway whatsoever.
  • All prevailing laws that apply to the operation of our business will be adhered to.
  • Titan Products Ltd will continually ensure that all stakeholders have the confidence in the management processes, the business operations and the services we provide
  • All suppliers, partners and customers of Titan products will be treated in a fair, open and respectful manner,
  • Supplier Competition will be reasonable and based upon the quality, value and integrity of the service or product being supplied.
  • Titan Products Ltd will actively encourage customer feedback on the quality of products and the services we provide. All customer comments will be reviewed and where appropriate any actions required to improve the quality of service or products will be implemented.
  • Titan Products Ltd Quality Management System includes policies that are to ensure continuous improvements in all operational aspects of the business.

4. Sustainability and Continuity of Supply

  • Titan Products Ltd adopts policies and procedures that are aimed at maintaining a consistently strong ongoing business platform from the quality of the services it provides, its proactive financial controls and business systems.
  • A Sustainable Policy for the procurement of services and products ensures the continuity of supply by fostering long term relationships and mutual understanding with key Supply Partners.
  • The company endorses a controlled obsolesce policy on all products produced with planned replacements where customer demand necessitates product continuity.
  • Controls and polices in product designs are aimed at the avoidance of the risk from the use of single source components.
  • Forward planning for product production and adequate stock levels is maintained and reviewed constantly in-line with business activity.
  • Titan Products Ltd continuously reviews and improves its IT Systems to ensure they are adequate to support the ongoing business levels and processes. Regular Offsite backup of all business data provides security of information and is part of the contingency planning for any disaster recovery program.

5. Environmental

  • Titan Products Ltd recognises the importance of environmental protection and is fully committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all prevailing environmental regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice.
  • It is the declared policy of the Company to carry out measures to meet, exceed and develop all desirable requirements and to continually improve its environmental performance through best practice in all that we do.

6. Human Rights

  • Respect for human rights is fundamental to the sustainability of Titan Products Ltd and the area and communities in which we operate. In our Company and our approved supply base, we are committed to ensuring that people are treated with dignity and respect.
  • The Titan Products Ltd Policy is guided by international human rights principles encompassed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  • The Human Rights Policy applies to Titan Products Ltd and the facilities that it manages. The Company is committed to working with and encouraging our approved supply chain partners to uphold the principles in this Policy and to adopt similar policies where appropriate within their businesses.

7. Ethics

  • Titan Products Ltd maintains where possible a clear visibility through the supply chain and customers to identify where products are being moved to and from.
  • Titan Products Ltd. Require that supply partners uphold workplace standards and operational behaviours consistent with Company expectations and recognised standards.
  • Suppliers, as a minimum, are expected to comply with all statutory and other legal requirements relating to the environmental impact of their business activity.
  • In line with Titan Products ethical purchasing policy the company will only use suppliers who conform to essential recognised labour standards such as:

– Employment is freely chosen and no discrimination is practised.
– Working conditions are safe and hygienic with no harsh or inhumane treatment.
– Child labour is not be used.
– Appropriate living wages are paid.
– Working hours are not excessive..