Understanding your energy usage, made easy.

The TP-EM-16 Energy Manager combines energy usage visualisation at site or cloud level with ease of install and setup. Connect up to 16 meters either directly via BACnet or Modbus communications or the Titan Smart IO modules if using active or pulsed meter types.

Set up in seconds via the intuitive setup pages within the Energy Managers embedded web browser and connect directly to a BMS or IoT cloud server via BACnet/IP and MQTT communications.

Email support allow reports to be set and sent out to alarm and record energy usage.


Installation made simple

At Titan we believe in making your on-site experience the best it can be. The Energy Manager can be supplied in a pre-wired enclosure complete with power supplies, numbered terminals and input / output modules if required to provide a plug-and-play experience at site level.

  • Connect up to 16 meters
  • Electricity, Gas, Water, Heat and Cool meter compatibility
  • On-site visualisation via TP-CCS interface
  • On-site BMS integration via BACnet/IP communications
  • Cloud integration via MQTT communications
  • Email notifications and reports
  • Smart metering or energy consumption applications
  • Quick and flexible setup
  • BACnet, Modbus, Active or Pulse meter compatibility.